Professional pointing to a virtual real estate conceptAlberts and Associates, Inc. was founded by James Alberts, who began his professional career working for a large retail chain performing duties related to operations and marketing and everything in between. It was through his involvement with the franchise community that he began to, not only gain experience in lease negotiations, construction and tenant improvements, but to take an active interest in them. James grew up in a household where both parents were real estate investors, so he suddenly had the ability to think from both perspectives. He had a lifetime of experience knowing what homeowners were looking for, and now, has the means to help tenants succeed in much the same way.

Alberts and Associates, Inc. has been focused on property management and residential sales since 2008 and proudly serves people in and around the San Diego area.


Elise Everett

Elise Everett began her career in real estate in 1996 in mortgage financing. In the 20 years since then she worked her way through the entire Operations, Sales and Management side of Correspondent Lending. In 2016, she took the next step in her career and became a REALTOR® with Alberts and Associates, Inc. Elise has a passion for the San Diego Real Estate Market and for helping home buyers and homeowners achieve their real estate ownership dreams. Her extensive knowledge of the mortgage finance and the real estate industry combined with her management experience and interpersonal skills, enables her to offer clients unparalleled knowledge and service.